PRP podmlađivanje kože - dr Milica Đokić
Treatment of blood plasma biostimulation is a prestigious maximum natural rejuvenation method. Known as PRP (platelet rich plasma), plasma enriched with platelets. This treatment belongs to the domain of regenerative medicine, because the natural intelligence of our regeneration organism is used. From the domain of aesthetic medicine, the skin of your face, neck, hand, hair is treated with cells from your own blood plasma. This method of skin rejuvenation returns the nucleus, glow and volume.

Application of PRP

PRP is the most natural and safest way of rejuvenation. There are no allergic reactions, and the possibility of infection is excluded because it is currently working with tissue-repairing resources. The treatment lasts 30-45 minutes, with the prior blood extraction from the vein centrifuged immediately prior to intervention. The treatment with biostimulation with GF from the blood plasma is required almost all after 30 years, who want to keep their skin vital and young in the most natural way.

PRP tretman za podmlađivanje- dr Milica Đokić





The core, glow and volume of the skin are restored