Revitocare mezoterapija - Dr Milica Đokić
French laboratory REVITACERE  has been specialized in the field of research and development of mesotherapy formulations used in the prevention and correction of aging effects since 2003. It is represented in over 50 countries around the world. How does mesotherapy work? In problem areas, small doses of cocktails of natural extracts, enzymes, minerals, vitamins and amino acids are injected on the face. Mesotherapy has a dual effect on the facial skin: the pharmacological effect of the preparation and the physical stimulation of microbubbles.

Revitacere bio-revitalization

“Start up” mesotherapy cocktail, which represents an optimal combination of non-fermented highly viscous hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin and vitamins, very effective concentrations. It is intended for the skin of the face, neck, neckline and fist. </ span> Healthy, sore, smooth and beautiful skin that shines. Visible signs of aging have been erased.

REVITACRE - Mezoterapija Beograd dr Milica Đokić

Reduces fine wrinkles caused by dehydration of the skin

Intensive and deep hydration of the skin

It supports cell metabolism, improves the activity of skin cells

It works anti-oxidant

Prefers an aging process that is related to external (pollution, stress, tobacco) and internal (age, genetics) factors


Mesotherapy cocktail with different concentrations of unchained hyaluronic acid in combination with regenerative complex. They are intended for the skin of the face, neck, décolleté and hand. It is intended for younger skin of 30-35 years, normal skin of 35-45 years, older and damaged, as well as mature skin.

CYTOCARE - Mezoterapija Beograd dr Milica Đokić

Reduction of wrinkles and prevention of the emergence of new ones

Maintain a good biological balance of the skin

Optimal hydration of the skin

Intensive regeneration of dermis, providing intense skin nutrition

Anti-oxidative effect, tone and skin elasticity


Stretchcare is a formula with unchained hyaluronic acid, DMAE, minerals and B5 vitamin intended for specific tone enhancement and skin tightening. It is intended for patients with relaxed and atonic skin, in the face, neck, and stomach skin, upper arms, upper legs, collarbones of varying intensity. Successfully resolves the problem of stretch marks.

STRETCHCARE - Mezoterapija Beograd dr Milica Đokić

Improves skin quality

It helps the skin to restore tonus and tension

It raises skin tone (skin tissue is further strengthened)

Reduces stretch marks (reduces the size of stretch marks and makes them bloody)

It enhances the natural defenses of the skin