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Intralipotherapy is a specific protocol developed by Professor Pasquale Motolese, for the use of an injection solution (Aqualiyx), which determines the gradual destruction of fat cells in the localized anatomical areas. This protocol may only be used by specially trained medical personnel. Intralipotherapy with Aqualyx is indicated treatment for the treatment of local obesity from small to middle areas in people who do not want to undergo surgery (liposuction).

Application of lipolysis / intralipotherapy

In medicine and surgery under localized obesity, an exquisite presence of fat tissue in certain localized zones, which does not occur even after a diet or after an intense sport. It differs from the condition of overweight and cellulite, with which it can often be connected, no matter what. The zones with the most commonly accumulated fat deposits are:

lipoliza podbradak-Dr Milica Djokic


Inner thighs

The inner part of the knee

Trochanteric region


Upper limbs

Double chin