Chemical peeling

Skintech piling lica - Dr Milica Đokić
Chemical peeling is a method of application of agents, i.e. organic bad acids in different concentrations and combinations, in order to cause skin scaling at various levels. This procedure improves the appearance of the skin, induces the production of collagen, treats acne, lowers pigmentation, reduces pigmentation and achieves deep hydration. SKIN TECH pilings are the only pilings that have a certificate for use for medical purposes.

Application of chemical peeling

Chemical peeling is a medical-etetic procedure that, with the help of certain chemicals, the most common acid, serves for controlled skin peeling and stimulation of its regeneration. Depending on how deep the peel “peels” the skin, surface, medium deep and deep chemical exfoliation varies. Chemistry can be done on the face, neck, arms and legs.

Hemijski piling - dr Milica Đokić

It provides a better effect of skin care products

It reduces excessive sebum secretion

It avoids dark stains

Reduces the size of the pores

It relieves wrinkles